Case-Building: Divorce, Domestic Violence, Immigration…By Tina Royles; Director Royles Ltd

Enabling Positive Outcomes…

I am the Tina Royles, Founder & Director of ROYLES.
ROYLES provides bespoke services relating to Investigation, Case-Building & Emotional Support.

Having an expertise in Investigation, Case-Building, Report Writing, and Evidence Gathering through my former career as a Police Officer, including reviewing, providing and presenting cases for court purposes and investigations and as a Qualified Psychotherapist who specialises in particular with challenging relationships, especially difficult and controlling ones through to domestic violence that includes trauma, loss and change.

ROYLES covers a wide range of issues such as: Divorce, Domestic Violence, Grievances, Immigration, & Property Planning Supporting Evidence, so whatever the difficulty or challenge you are facing why not get in contact and see how we might be able to help you.

Here is an example of how ROYLES can help through a difficult time such as ‘DIVORCE’…

When individuals separate or divorce, it can often be a difficult and painful experience which is fraught with emotion, trauma and turbulence. There are many steps and in fact obstacles to go through which are sadly part of the trajectory of a relationship breaking down and perhaps coming to an end.

Starting a relationship can be exciting, enthralling and passionate, with individuals envisaging a potential future together with shared hope, dreams and ideas. Individual lives, families, friendships, activities and social commitments often become merged on some levels and it can look like a shared journey.

Unfortunately some relationships, civil partnerships or marriages come to an end, and there can be many different reasons for this; including falling out of love, infidelity, breakdown of communication, or domestic violence. Each of these reasons can bring additional complexities, and raw emotions such as anger, despair, sorrow, fear of the future.

Additionally there can be difficult conversations around sorting out any assets and/or liabilities. When finances or property come into the equation, it is more likely that communication and amicable negotiations will break down even further.

If children are part of the relationship there can be difficult and upsetting conversations around who has custody, who lives where, shared access, and maintenance support.

Where a legal process is activated, there can be a sense of losing even more control of the situation, and the formality makes the process seem devoid of empathy, understanding or compassion. It is a difficult journey to go on, and one that can potentially impact on the emotional, physical, psychological and financial wellbeing of those involved.

In order to come out of the situation as intact as possible, key components need to be in place in order to enable a positive outcome.

For this to happen a case needs to be built, along with key information and documentary evidence being compiled to establish the grounds needed, necessary and appropriate for a divorce or dissolution to be granted. Building a case can often be painful and distressing, as for some the information needed isn’t always that accessible to both parties, and some don’t know even where to begin looking.

In a way in order to enable a positive outcome, individuals need to be in a healthy place emotionally and psychologically, in addition to being in a place of clarity and fully functioning…when separation or divorce happens this isn’t where many individuals are. There is confusion, distress, sorrow, grief, loss, anxiety and anger.

Which is where ROYLES comes in…

We provide the investigation, and case-building service for individuals going through a divorce or separation to help individuals negotiate their way through this difficult time in their lives. This information can then be used by the individual themselves, or be provided to a legal representative so they are in a stronger position to focus on the legal documentation and legal system steps. We work with the individual from an emotional perspective and provide the safe environment and platform to work through the emotions, and explore ways to help the individual to look at options to repair, recover, and rebuild the self…

If you are in the process of separating or divorcing (or planning it), then get in touch…

Be more in control of the steps needed to enable you to achieve a positive outcome for you, and the ones you love.

01244 760113




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