Taking some of the ‘Sting’ out of Divorce! – By Tina Royles; Director Royles Ltd

Angga-tinaroyles -fb1Divorce is without a doubt a very difficult and distressing time. It is often made worse by the fact that communication is likely to break down due to the reasons for the divorce or separation happening in the first place.

Falling out of love, arguments, incompatibility, lis, infidelity, and violence can all be reasons for why the relationship has come to an end…and in most cases (although not all) it can come to a very bitter end.

In order to achieve the best outcome for you, you need to be firing on all cylinders, and that means being in the right frame of mind emotionally and psychologically, and to be operating from a position the will bring you the most appropriate and advantageous solution for you financially and practically.

For this to happen you need to obtain any, and all available information to gather your evidence to build yourself a solid case to present to your solicitor or to the court if you choose to represent yourself.

If you are not best placed to do this here’s where ROYLES comes in. We can investigate the events leading to your divorce or separation, build your case for you to hopefully take the sting out of it a little, so you can give this to your appointed solicitor or use it yourself, and during this process ROYLES will provide you with the emotional support to boot.

Why not check out the video to see how ROYLES may be able to help you…


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