Paradise Lost. Some Marriages and Relationships end in Divorce or Separation! – By Tina Royles; Director Royles Ltd

Angga-tinaroyles -fb1Most relationships feel like bliss or paradise in the beginning, and maybe this lasts for some time…and if this is you, and your relationship then fantastic.

Sadly some marriages and relationships in general can end in divorce or separation. What’s alarming is that this outcome is on the increase. What’s left behind are broken promises, broken dreams, and broken hearts…Not to mention emotional, psychological, financial, and practical turmoil it causes.

There are a number of reasons for relationships to hit difficulties such as arguments, poor communication, financial issues, domestic violence, lies, deception, and infidelity…and these components can cause additional pain, distress, suffering and trauma in their own right.

When it comes to sorting out any assets, children, finances, or property often the gloves come off, and parties don’t fight fairly. Individuals can hide, lie, and deceive…Ultimately not disclosing key information or assets.

If you don’t build a ‘good enough’ case, or gather important and pertinent facts or evidence, then the case you build and supply to your solicitor or use yourself might not be strong enough to obtain an appropriate or fair solution or outcome for you.

Check out how ROYLES might be able to help you negotiate your way through divorce or separation:



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