Divorce: The High Stakes Involved – By Tina Royles; Director Royles Ltd

There are for most ‘High Stakes’ involved in divorce, regardless of who you are or what you have, whether that’s emotionally, psychologically or practically.

But when it comes to sorting out, or dividing up and money or other assets, this is when the divorce has the potential to turn ‘nasty’ or ‘pure evil’ in some cases if it hasn’t already.

For most this is when the level significantly rises several notches.

If the parties cannot come to some sort of agreement, the process can be delayed even further, and the trauma dragged out even more.

Most solicitors will advocate for amicable divorce to help their clients reach an agreement and settlement with the hope of the least trauma and devastation being caused, however it’s not always that easy to achieve as at a minimum level, emotions are involved and these can often be difficult to negotiate your way through.

Check out The Telegraph Article relating to Petra Ecclestone & James Stunt HERE

For help and support with your own divorce process or the aftermath, why not check out how ROYLES might be able to help you:

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