The length’s people go…’forging a partner’s signature’ – By Tina Royles, Director Royles Ltd

Having been a former police officer, I have to say not many things surprise or shock me where obtaining evidence for fraud is concerned, yet the below highlighted case would, I have no doubt been disturbing for most.

When money is at stake though, there are no lengths it appears, out of bounds, that some individuals will go to, to ensure the other party is disadvantaged. Yet for most in a relationship, it is more often than not, only when the couple begin to separate or go through a divorce, that something starts to unfold as being amiss. It then becomes confusing, and sends an individual into panic mode, trying to understand or rationalise how they have taken out a loan, taken out credit/debit cards, are signatories on mortgage applications, as well as other formal documentation. In some cases individuals equally find that they have somehow been removed from bank accounts, mortgage documentation, property deeds and other ‘choice’ papers.

The scary part for some is untangling the web of deceit and lies that they are faced with.

In the world you and I live in, there are the individuals who are given the label of ‘criminals’ who ‘lodge’ at Her Majesties Prisons, there are others who flout the law because they have a disregard for it (speeding and other such traffic offences spring to mind), then there are the individuals who bully others in the workplace, or steal from their employers because they feel that they can, and there are those individuals who lie and cheat within personal intimate relationships through infidelity…and yet who questions, monitors and holds accountable their intimate partner who perhaps has the responsibility for the ‘finances’ of the family.

What too of the individual who is controlled, and manipulated within the relationship; physically, psychologically, and financially…how likely are they to question their partners motives or question a decision taken, or made…

If you or someone you know, has uncovered some concerns, or suspect something is ‘amiss’, you’re not sure whether a criminal offence has been committed and n0t at the stage of calling the police, but want help to gain more clarity, and assistance to build a case to take to the police, court, or to a solicitor then why not get in touch, and let us discuss how we might be able to assist.

Don’t be or ‘stay’ in the dark!

01244 760113

Click Here for the article from the Daily Record




Tina Royles

Director Royles Ltd



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