Immigration delays pushing individuals to suicide – By Tina Royles; Director Royles Ltd

When I open my ‘inbox’, I see another immigration case where the ‘applicant’ is at their lowest ebb, stressed to the nines, doesn’t know which way to turn, and as a result, is contemplating ‘suicide’.

Welcome to the 21st Century in ‘GREAT’ Britain

A far cry from the 1950’s when “GREAT’ Britain operated an ‘open door’ policy for the resident’s of ‘British Colonies’, because ‘Britain’ needed their help to ‘rebuild’ Britain after the War.

The fiasco of the ‘Windrush’ migrants has highlighted a serious issue within the Home Office Immigration Department…but what about all the other individuals who are being subjected to such trauma, when their lives are up turned and their application for leave to remain are rejected, despite having contributed to the British economy for years if not decades.

One recent case of mine, had several barristers and lawyers involved prior to my involvement, and this application for leave to remain was turned down three times by immigration, then referred to the Secretary of States department, where it was again turned down. After a ‘Judicial Review’ had taken place – still the decision to reject the application was up held…the Client then came to me.

After I reviewed all the information, gathered new evidence, addressed inconsistencies, and rebuilt the case…the decision was reversed based on my intervention.

Whilst this was a ‘fantastic’ result and outcome for my client, I had witnessed the frustration, and impact that this had on my client during the process.

The lack of clarification, limited if not, non existent communication, delays in processing the application within the timeframes set, blatant disregard for my clients health and wellbeing. Forced to rely on handouts after being denied the opportunity to continue to work and ‘contribute’ to the British economy, dignity denied, my client contemplated taking their own life.

It could have ended so differently, but with continued support and intervention; practically, emotionally, and psychologically, my client was eventually ‘granted leave to remain’

“I’m happy to report to you that I have been granted indefinite leave to remain. The letter arrived today and ……….. and I just want to thank you for your instrumental professional expertise and emotional support in getting us through this. Your report I believe was pivotal in getting the result that no barrister or lawyer could achieve. We just can’t thank you enough!…Thank you Tina, you are a star!”

My client’s ordeal, sadly, is not a rarity…You only have to look at the below cases to see this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If however, you, or someone you know, is experiencing difficulties with an immigration case (or any other type of case) then please pass on my details, and that of my company Royles Ltd, so that I can work with you/them to get the best possible outcome.

Another distressing case



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