When an individual experiences an injustice or unfair treatment, then quite often they are left with a ‘grievance’ or feel like they are embroiled in a dispute of some kind. Whilst a ‘grievance’ is often related to a working environment, a ‘dispute’ can be anything from a neighbour issue, issues relating to school placements, medical negligence, personal compensation cases, industrial injuries, accidents, or small claims court procedures.

Taking action against a grievance or dispute allows for the opportunity to reclaim ‘peace of mind’, ‘clarity’ and above all ‘recompense’. More often than not, an individual wants to have their voice heard, wants to be acknowledged, and wants an apology or for things to go back to some level of normality. Following a ‘grievance’ procedure, or dispute guidelines tables an individual to get ‘closure’ and move on.

Conflict with another, or an organisation can unsettle an individual, and affect and impact upon their health and wellbeing, affecting them emotionally, physically, financially and psychologically therefore trying to resolve a grievance or dispute in the best way possible certainly has its advantages.

How can I help you?

The services that I offer through ROYLES LTD, helps individuals hold onto ‘what matters’ and this can be done through the services of ‘Investigation, Case-building & Emotional Support’.

Why am I in a position to help?

1) I am a former Police officer, who was trained to investigate, gather evidence and build comprehensive cases.

2) I am a qualified psychotherapist, which enables me to understand, deal with and
manage my clients psychological and emotional needs throughout this process, which is
a unique service that I offer.

3) I am a national and international expert on controlling behaviour and domestic violence
and as a consequence am not phased by bullies, or organisations that are proving
difficult or challenging to deal with.

4) I was a ‘grievance advisor’ for a police force where I helped an individual ‘air’ their
grievance, compile a case, present it to the appropriate ‘authority’ and support the
individual through the process.

So what are the complexities of Grievances/Disputes?

My clients often seek my services after having been let down by a system, organisation, profession and/or an individual, if not a combination of  all four. This exacerbates my clients situation and is usually the point at which I become involved with the case. The process of a grievance or dispute procedure, and equally the investigation, or appeal process, is complex, and can be riddled with emotional turmoil and a feeling of vulnerability. What myself and Royles Ltd do is look to build the case with ‘robust’ evidence that plugs that gap, achieving a greater chance of a level playing field and an opportunity for a fairer outcome.

Which is where ROYLES comes in…

I meet with my client to assess what they need, what has happened to bring them to me, what has gone wrong, how have the been failed by professionals, services, systems and organisations and why they need me and my particular bespoke service, with individual particular skill set of analysing the details, finding gaps in practice and bringing together all relevant information.

After an initial face to face meeting, I then review the information and documents available to me, and establish a plan of action to move forward. I am available via email, text and phone to discuss the impact that this process is having on my clients mental health, as this is a highly significant life event and one that should be treated with sensitivity and professionalism. Experiencing a ‘grievance’ in the workplace is extremely difficult and can affect the wellbeing in many ways, equally a dispute of any kind can play on the mind in so many ways, that often the individuals experiencing these feel like they are stuck between a rock and a hard place, and cannot see the wood for the trees.

My extensive professional training has equipped me to deal with complex cases and so I would encourage you to get in contact with me if you need help preparing your case, having your case reviewed, or need an issue, dispute or grievance of any kind investigated.