ROYLES LTD is an investigation, case-building & emotional support business, which reviews & builds cases for private prosecutions, tribunals, grievances, miscarriages of justice including issues around domestic violence, sexual offences, divorce & immigration.

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  • Domestic Violence

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  • Grievances

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With a previous ‘police’ background, knowledge & in-depth experience of establishing and gathering evidence, building cases and then presenting to court, being passionate about making a difference, targeting injustice, identifying gaps and focused on providing a professional service and solution; ROYLES is able to investigate and build cases with supporting evidence for a wide range of issues including: Divorce, Domestic Violence, Immigration, Grievances, Civil & Family Matters, Criminal Matters, and Property Issues (Including Supporting Evidence and Research for Planning Applications in Complex Cases e.g Davenport Arms/Place Development – Planning Gain Article in Your Property Network), Breach of Contracts etc

Most people try to fight for justice themselves, and whilst this can work for some, without the appropriate level of expertise and working knowledge of the system and processes it can often result in a less than satisfactory outcome, and the impact on the individual or individuals can be immense.

Here at Royles Ltd, we review and build cases on your behalf so that you don’t have to. We gather and compile the evidence, so that you have a comprehensive case to present to your legal team or representative so they can focus and fight your case, cutting down overall on your solicitors time and costs, we also provide you with the much needed emotional and psychological support throughout the process…

“I approached Tina in a state of desperation regarding how I had been hounded by a housing association. I was being treated unfairly and harshly, and despite my best efforts they would not take my complaints seriously.

Tina was calm, professional and to the point. She collected the facts and compiled the evidence of my case. She collated it in such a way that it clearly highlighted that they were breaking their own policies and procedures and in so doing, their Practice was discriminatory for numerous reasons.

She presented the information in such a clear way, it was inevitable that they would have to take me and my complaints seriously.

I cannot thank Tina enough for all of the effort and the care that she put in to listening to me, the depths of the detail that she picked out and for the no nonsense approach she adopted with the organisation I had issues with. She truly advocated on my behalf and went that extra mile.

I would recommend Tina and Royles Ltd to anyone needing a professional and an expert in building cases, it is simply the icing on the cake that she can illicit the facts from you in such a caring and empathic way.

I will not hesitate to return to Royles Ltd should I ever need Tinas expert support again…apart from anything else, she’s lovely!”

Kelly Ferguson, Client-Focused Entrepreneur

Truly advocated on my behalf and went that extra mile

“Tina was a dedicated police officer with a genuine interest in encouraging police officers to have a more enlightened attitude to dealing with domestic violence incidents: it was remarkable how much she achieved as the driving force behind initiatives and processes that enabled a professional, positive, victim-centred initial response and investigation.

Tina recognised the importance of multi-agency involvement in responding to domestic violence and she worked well with other agencies to develop this approach.

By nature Tina is an empathetic and caring person, with an obvious desire to do her utmost to achieve the best possible outcome for those in need of her help. The direction she has chosen in her professional life after the police is testimony to her dedication and abiding interest in helping the victims of domestic violence”.

Chris Bainbridge, Inspector Essex Police (Retired)

A Professional, Positive, Victim-Centred Initial Response and Investigation