The world of property investment is often a very attractive means of improving your overall financial situation, and lifestyle in general. However on the journey to ‘financial freedom’ a phrase used by most ‘property guru’s to lure individuals onto their courses, buy into their programmes, or purchase a deal through them, there are a number of things that can go wrong, and the would be property investor finds themselves out of pocket; often substantially. So what is it that can go wrong?

Some individuals when embarking on their property investment journey are often drawn to entering into what is known as ‘joint ventures’ with other investors. Some will work, others will not because of different expectations, varied skillsets, and lack of structure and boundaries. Yes joint venture agreements can be drawn up, but sadly from experience these don’t often hold much weight when a ‘dispute’ is raised and breach of contract is pursued.

Equally when progressing down the route of a conversion or development project, planning can become an issue. Unless you have experience of working with the planning department, this can often be a difficult and emotional process. Research, gathering substantial evidence, and building a ‘robust’ case is necessary in getting your application approved, whether first time around, or through the appeal process.

How can I help you?

The services that I offer through ROYLES LTD, helps individuals hold onto ‘what matters’ and this can be done through the services of ‘Investigation, Case-building & Emotional Support’.

Why am I in a position to help?

1) I am a former Police officer, who was trained to investigate, gather evidence and build comprehensive cases.

2) I am a qualified psychotherapist, which enables me to understand, deal with and
manage my clients psychological and emotional needs throughout this process, which is
a unique service that I offer.

3) I am a national and international expert on controlling behaviour and domestic violence
and as a consequence am not phased by bullies, or organisations that are proving
difficult or challenging to deal with.

4) I am a former co director of The Property Mentor, Selyor Properties, Selyor Property Management, and Selyor Limited (Selyor is Royles backwards, if you hadn’t realised). One particular case example is that of the ‘Davenport Arms Development’ (Calveley Cheshire) which was a very difficult project, and one that had substantial parish council opposition, and previous rejections through the planning process. But through extensive research, through obtaining detailed evidence, and building a robust case with supporting evidence, and holding my ground with the heads of departments with the local authority. I was instrumental in negotiating a positive outcome and result through planning to enable the development to gain approval.

So what are the complexities within the property environment?

Often within the planning process there can be significant obstacles, challenges and barriers in getting applications through to approval. It can be a lengthy process, which causes a great deal of emotional, psychological, and financial pressure to those going through the process. It can be frustrating and difficult to say the least. Support is needed to help you negotiate and get through the process as intact as possible.

Joint venture agreements and breach of contracts can be extremely messy and challenging, as a great deal of money can often be at stake. Friendships, and business partnerships can fall apart through such misunderstandings, and broken trust. Working your way through the small claims court can be daunting, and a difficult route to go down if you have never been through it before.

Tenants also can cause dilemmas for landlords, but either breaking their agreements, failing to pay their rent, absconding from the property, causing damage to the property, and a whole host of other issues. Being a property landlords isn’t always a ‘walk in the park’

Which is where ROYLES comes in…

I meet with my client to assess what they need, what has happened to bring them to me, what has gone wrong, how have the been failed by joint venture partners, professionals in key positions and organisations, by tenants who have breached their agreements, or by contractors who have failed to deliver a service, or the service has been unacceptable or shoddy.  I establish why they need me and my particular bespoke service, with individual particular skill set of analysing the details, finding gaps in practice and bringing together all relevant information.

After an initial face to face meeting, I then review the information, situation and any documents pertinent and available to me, and establish a plan of action to move forward. I am available via email, text and phone to discuss the impact that this process is having on my clients mental health, as this is a highly significant life event and one that should be treated with sensitivity and professionalism.

My extensive professional training has equipped me to deal with complex cases and so I would encourage you to get in contact with me if you need help preparing your case, having your case reviewed, or need an issue, dispute or grievance of any kind relating to property investigated.